Wednesday, 6 April 2016

3 April 2016 - 5 training rides in one?

Sunday training saw our coach deliver five training rides in one, and even he didn’t know how he did it.

Two options only were advertised in advance – an individual time trial from bridge to Barlings Caravan Park and return, and the usual course through Tomakin and return. So how did we get five rides?

Seth Lean, unbackable favourite, lived up to expectations and delivered a 55’04” tt, and impressive 38.2kph on a course that contained the service station climb and a headwind home. Ride 1 to Seth – no gripping incidents to report.

Adrian Connor got Ride 2 in a time of 59’40”. No average speed can be awarded, because Adrian returned via Tomakin, for an unknown distance pending course survey. He’s lucky not to be disqualified, but how do you disqualify someone from training?

Ride 3 goes to coach Steve Brennan, who decided his fitness could only withstand a 23km journey in a time of 40’20”. Kevin McMahon witnessed the performance, and legally concluded Steve must have had a village and a half start over the field to be riding so far ahead. Chris Fenn witnessed the head start coach had awarded to himself. All is forgiven though because Steve then timed other riders’ efforts to perfection.

Ride 4 was won by Timo Savimaki, the only one to speed to Tomakin and return, all by himself. He was overtaken by the winning three-up ttt of Ruth Nelson, John Vaughan and Jemma O’Brien 800m from the finish. Ruth gained line honours in 54’16” or 38.3 kph. Ride 4 run and won.

Ride 5 included Anthony Harding who smashed his team-mates in 57’16”, followed by Graeme Marsh in 58’14” and Les Roberts-Tomson in 63’21”.

Timo Savimaki