Thursday, 6 August 2015

President's mid-year update

Training Rides: Big thank you to Steve, the Coach, Brennan, for the Training Rides. We regularly get 12 plus riders, with the odd Club gift voucher as in incentive. The individual rides times are all heading south at Kiora; so if you want a good hit out and have your insurance let Steve know you are interested. For the record, I was literally outsprinted by a cow at Kiora on the weekend. If it hadn't been for Anthony Harding calling out "cow", my glory on the podium may have never occurred. The cow, seeing my Cavendish like sprint, decided at that point, to cross the road. Seriously, if not for Anthony's warning, and the earlier advice of a former Australian champion to feather the brakes in a crisis, the cycling world may have lost one of its most average riders. That said, well done to Paul Morgan; a huge ride, I actually think he may have waited for me coming back up Yarragee; a gentleman and an athlete.

The Club wishes Brendan Johnston all the very best in his adventures abroad as he seeks national selection. The Club was pleased to be of some assistance in wishing Brendan all the very best. Word on the street is that his father, Steve, is back on the bike.

Safety Tip: visibility is important at any time of day. Even so, staying upright can be a challenge, as one of our Club stalwarts found out in a car park recently. Whilst it may not take the pain away, the insurance we all pay for does come in handy I believe.

Club Membership: wonderful to have a few new members join us and for a few new faces at the training rides.

Crit Racing: anyone interested in helping to relaunch the crits racing? We are also exploring Crit Training rides with the Coach. The Club owns the crit track at Gundary Oval and it would be great to see these events once more kicking off around October.

Club Initiatives: what would you like to see your Club doing? If you have an idea such as a social ride or a road series etc pls let us know.

MTB: the Club elected not to renew the State Forestry licence at this point at Maulbrooks. Instead, MTB are exploring other options with Council. It is early days but there is some real potential here; watch this space.

Riding in the Eurobodalla: the Club is working with the Shire Council and other bike groups to identify ways in which we could further enhance riding in our Shire. In preparation for our Council meeting the Club was asked to think about the following 4 points. Your feedback is very welcome if you have any thoughts. Pls just flick back an email

* What kind of cycle events would you like to see?
* What can you do support these events?
* What do we need to do to prepare our region for these events?
* How does council build a better working relationship with the cycling community?

I have no update on the reopening of Gundary Store. All I know is that the rides do not feel the same without a coffee in the garden at Gundary Store. I am hoping they will be back on board October.

Safe Peddling.

Anthony Mayne